First Royalties Check!


Dollars (Photo credit: Images_of_Money)

No matter the dollar amount, that first royalties check is exciting.  And I am anything but displeased with my first check!  The only sad part is that I won’t be able to hold the check in my hands…oh, direct deposit, you have stolen something from me!  But, well, I suppose I won’t whine too loudly.  No pictures, sure, of that first check, but money in the bank right away…I can live with it.  And you came just in time for my trip to Washington D.C. in February.  Thanks and Kindle!


4 thoughts on “First Royalties Check!

  1. that’s phenomenal! Wow! How did you do it? I’m hoping to be on the same boat sometime this year, I would love to know what your secrets are. What’s the name of your book? I’ll go check it out =)

    • Juanita Millhouse says:

      I started with self-publishing (I did mine with and am extremely satisfied with their services, product quality, timing, shipping, discounts, etc.). In the writer’s market these days, it’s a great way to go to begin making something off of your books while you shop the same one to literary agents and publishers. Beyond that, word of mouth with friends, clubs I’m in etc., an author page on facebook and blog, finding local venues for book signings is a good thing, too–even little coffee shops! And making sure that you get your book not only into print but into e-book formatting. I’ve made most of my sales via on Kindle. Sign up for the KDP with your book as well, and you’ll get your name and book out there more. Maybe I will create a post on this stuff with more ideas, etc., too. 🙂

      Oh, and the book is “Nobody’s Girl” by Juanita Millhouse. Best place to find it:

  2. Congratulations! At least with direct deposit, you can’t lose it!

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