New Year–New Writing Plans



I have three specific and two broad writing goals this year.

  • Write (or finish writing) and publish two books this year
  • Completely write/edit and publish a book during November (NaNoWriMo)–this may count as one of the 2 books to write and publish this year
  • Publish one script (I have some nearly there, as is, so this should not take much!)
  • Journal daily (so far, so good)
  • Spend a minimum of 1 hour a day writing 3 days per week

I thought about setting higher goals for myself, but this year, I will have a much different work and social calendar, so I will not get to do as much writing as I would like to do.  So, making achievable goals is not only good, but necessary for any hopes of success with these goals.  I can always add more later, if I accomplish all of these before the year is over.

Be prepared to hear about new books, scripts and more this year!