Count Down Day 33: Project “DDD” Publication


  1. Merge segments of chapters
  2. Review revision notes in chapters 1-5

Success? Merges made!  Revision notes reviewed–only for 1 chapter.

Remaining steps (for my sake, if no one else’s):

Revision steps:

  • Write missing or now needed transitions
  • Review revision notes
  • Use revision notes to develop characters or story-line more
  • Write & insert missing scenes

Editing steps:

  • Cut modifiers
  • Cut/edit passive phrases
  • Read aloud with editing
  • BETA readers
  • Make changes from BETA reader notes
  • Proofread
  • Second read aloud
  • Final proof read

Count Down Day 34: Project “DDD” Publication

Well, I work a full load today, and am biking over 24 miles today, so I’ll kind of be toast at the end there.  So, assignments are light.

Today’s assignments:

  1. Listen to incredible music for inspiration for emotional scenes.
  2. Be inspired!

I could have done more today, but…no I couldn’t.  Not with this music.  It’s…too much.  Adagio for Strings


Count Down Day 35: Project “DDD” Publication

Day 35’s assignments:

  1. Determine missing elements for scenes in all chapters
  2. Rough through notes for chapters 1-8
  3. Write missing transitions for all chapters

Success? Missing elements: Check.  Rough notes: Nope.  Bummer.  Transitions: nope.  (A long time friend called after we hadn’t gotten to connect in months, so…she took priority.)

At least I got the first part done!



Count Down Day 36: Project “DDD Publication”

Today’s assignment:

  1. Re-read chapters 1-29
  2. Write in missing elements from each scene in chapters 1-8
  3. Cut unnecessary scenes in chapters 1-8
  4. Write in “cues” for missing scenes for chapters 1-8

Success? Yes on noting missing elements on entire book.  Yes on read through and cutting scenes for entire book.  Some notes for missing scenes noted for entire book.

Lessons/thoughts: Loving your own characters, plot-lines and even those little lines you hate to cut because of their brilliance is a good thing.

Editing "Drop Dead Daisy"

Editing “Drop Dead Daisy”

36 Days

Ah, crap.  It’s only 36 days to NaNoWriMo, and I wanted to finish editing “Drop Dead Daisy” and get it into the final stages for publication before November 1.  Guess I’d best get my butt in gear.  29 chapters to edit again, revise twice, proofread, have returned by beta readers and final proofread in 36 days.  Sure.  I can do it.  I wrote the rough draft in what, 8-10 days?  Did the first edit in approximately 30 hours, then second edit in about 50 hours…  And the book before (“Nobody’s Girl”) that started it all?  That took 5 months and 13 days from first word on page to publication.  I can do this.

temporary cover for "Drop Dead Daisy" by Juanita Millhouse

temporary cover for “Drop Dead Daisy” by Juanita Millhouse

Turn off the t.v. (well, Netflix).

Crank up the music (thank you, Spotify and Grooveshark).

Walk to/from the library with the research books in hand.

Focus my evenings and weekends (morning workouts, here we come!).

Yes, I can do this.  Even in the midst of a new physically demanding job, writing a script for a show this fall/winter, putting together that production as well, not to mention article writing and press releases and interviews related to the show, prepping for NaNoWriMo, preparing a monologue performance for 3 weeks from now and coordinating the performance schedule for that art gallery two weeks from now.

I can do this.  This is how I thrive.  Lots of passion, too-tight deadlines.  Yes.  I’m ready.

Drop Dead Daisy final revisions/editing calendar

Drop Dead Daisy final revisions/editing calendar