From Writer’s Digest–Day 30 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Step Away for Your Writing

I can do that.

Gone Writing

Gone Writing

P.S. I’m out of town and probably won’t be online.  So, I’ll do the Day 31 challenge when I get back, maybe Monday or Tuesday.


Count Down Day 3: Project “DDD” Publication

Well, I’m not getting started until 9pm tonight.  It was a long work day, and a slightly crazy after work day as well.

Going to attempt to finish the read-aloud in the midst of packing for my weekend trip.  We’ll see how this goes!

9:00–read-aloud chapters 20-24.

10:45–calling it quits.  Ugh.  I wanted to keep going, to make it all the way through, but my voice is shot and my eyes are troubled at the thought of staying open.

I’ll try to squeeze some more in, in the morning before work.  We’ll see how that goes.

A Drumkit that would make Velma happy

A Drumkit that would make Velma happy–writing inspiration

From Writer’s Digest–Day 29 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Join Another Social Media Site

He suggested Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Wattpad.  I’m on all but Wattpad for personal use (and have never heard of Wattpad before today!), so I’m going to have to think this one through before joining one.  And I will do as he recommends and completely fill out my profile, set it to public, post consistently, focus on the goals of my author platform and being cautiously optimistic about the use of these social media outlets for “success” as a writer.

The verdict?

Pinterest!  I’m already on LinkedIn under this pseudonym, anyway, and I don’t think I’d have enough with Instagram to bother with.  I’ll consider Tumblr and Wattpad as well.  If I do those, I’ll post links here at some point.  For now, you can find my profile on Pinterest here.

Pinterest Logo

Pinterest Logo

Update: Ha!  Tells how much I’ve actively been using it, but I’m already on Tumblr!  This blog is linked automatically, I believe, and maybe something else, since I apparently have 50 posts on Tumblr now.  The link is here.

I guess I can look into Wattpad next and see…

Count Down Day 4: Project “DDD” Publication

That count-down is getting close.  And I know I won’t get anything done on the 30th or 31st, as I leave town immediately after work on the 30th.  I guess I’d better get a lot in tonight and tomorrow!

Today’s goals: Finish read-aloud edit #1.  Do modifiers pass on as many chapters as I can plow through!

6:10–Read-aloud edit of Chapters 11-14.

7:30–break for dinner and start the first load of laundry (Yep–even writer’s have chores!)

8:50–Read-aloud continues!  Chapters 15-16.  Whew!  These are long ones!

10:05–break.  Had to go get my laundry!  Sadly, thinking I won’t make it through the rest of the read-aloud tonight.  But I’ll keep plugging away!

10:20–Back at it for now…  Chapters 17-19.

11:25–Gotta call it a night.  Half-way through 19, I knew I was done for the night.  Bummer.  Oh, well.  Pressing forward tomorrow!

Surfcaster Guitar--writing inspiration

Surfcaster Guitar–writing inspiration

From Writer’s Digest–Day 28 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Join Goodreads

And…already done.  A friend asked me at some point last year why she’d never seen me on Goodreads, so I joined.  I built my page there, and added my novel as well as the other books and scripts under my legal name.  I have not yet explored this social platform.  The guy on the Writer’s Digest blog didn’t have any tips, but he linked to another writer’s tips, so I’ll read that and see if there’s anything I can do this morning before work.  Otherwise, I may add some tasks to my calendar for November.  We’ll see!

Goodreads Logo

Goodreads Logo

From Writer’s Digest–Day 27 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Get Social

Well, this I can do!  I’ll get on the NaNoWriMo Chicago page and make a few comments.  People always have fun and interesting or useful things to say there, and often I can find a topic to engage in otherwise as well.  I haven’t been that active on there, but this year I’ve already been trying to engage a little more.  I think I’ll also pop and twitter and retweet a few things…  I’ll even try to connect with some of the new followers on this blog.  Thanks, guys!

How do you get social for your author platform?

Get Social (by stockimages)

Get Social (by stockimages)