Life as a Full-Time Writer

Most writers dream of quitting their “real world” jobs to join the few who can make a living as a writer. I’ve finally made it! And thoroughly enjoying this freedom, the massive amounts of research, and the ebb and flow of words mixed up in deadlines and goals.

I’m writing for a couple of different companies, doing very different types of writing projects. The skills I pick up in the one are applied to the other. The skills I’ve picked up along the way through becoming a full-time writer (writing tests, application sample writing, etc.) have all fed this development as a writer as well. I apply all of these new skills to my work that’s both consistent and paid, and to the things I write for fun.


Image credit: Francisco Farias Jr

The best part is that writing non-fiction for a paycheck has expanded my world of knowledge for the fiction I write and frees up my schedule and life to write for myself. I’m still working on novels, memoirs and my own nonfiction pieces (as well as blogs), and setting my own schedule, being able to work from anywhere, and being able to enjoy long stints in front of my windows helps my life gain peace and non Type-A structure. I work 30-40 hours weekly, allowing myself time for whatever I need throughout the day and week, taking breaks from work to write blogs, exercise, do other jobs (like tour guiding), walking or playing with the cat, and, well, watching t.v. with my husband when he’s not feeling well.

It’s not a perfect life, by any stretch, but it is a good life. I’m able to work full-time, but take time to travel, do ministry, write my novels, do my fitness training, and enjoy social time. Plus, you know, doing one of my great loves for a living! That’s pretty good to me.


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