About the Author

There’s sometimes a little confusion on what exactly my career is. “Are you a writer or a home organizer?” Yes. I am. Both. Like many creatives, I have such diverse interests that I cannot contain my career to one focus like home organizing or life coaching (yes, I do that, too). My diversity in work not only keeps me content, but it also exposes me to different worlds outside of my own specific interests.

I direct theatre. This exposes me to other directors and performing artists. I’m a singer. This expands my world into singers and bands of various genres.

I home organize, which fills my life with the opportunity to do “organizational therapy” as one of my favorite clients deems this work. I cover events and personalities as a journalist. This enriches my day to day living by hearing the stories of people I otherwise would not get to know and gets me into performance venues, jazz clubs, festivals and other events that I might otherwise wander through as only an observer rather than participant.

I do life coaching and health and wellness coaching, which allows me to help others pursue their best self. I do the occasional side job, like back-stage assistant for a local Vegas class magician, or craft show sales assistant for local artists. My world is ever expanding and growing, which I love.

And, as a writer, I get to introduce the world to the events I witness, the concerts I experience, and the people I meet all along the way. And I couldn’t ask for more.


2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. manuchettan says:

    Is this Rita’s blog? Just curious.

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