Andy Brown: An International Musician with a Heart for Local Music

My piece on jazz guitarist, Andy Brown, is up!




My latest published piece: Petra Van Nuis

Another stellar musician, and enjoyable interview! Van Nuis opt 1

My Next Articles

Excited to announce my article for will be on Petra Van Nuis, a talented singer with a a fantastic voice and great stage presence. Looking forward to writing this up in the next few days.

The following approved article (waiting for confirmation of interview) will hopefully on Andy Brown, Petra’s husband. Matt & I were incredibly impressed with his playing, and I look forward to catching him live again soon at either the Green Mill or Cellars Bar and Grill, where he gigs regularly.


Today’s Interview

Just finished up a great interview with a delightful singer here in Chicago: Petra Van Nuis. She loves cats, sings jazz, and has gotten to perform in the Radio City Rockettes Spectacular.

I’ll be pitching her piece soon (initial pitch already out there with one publisher), so I’ll expect links to be forthcoming.

In the meantime, check her out: Petra Van Nuis.

My First Article for

Here it is. First published piece with jazzgroupiez, on an amazing musician, Don Stille. Published under my “stage” name (i.e. my maiden name).


Don Stille for Jazz