A Writer’s Life Balance with Reality

Have you ever had that undying urge to sit down and write that next part of your death-defying action novel, and then the reality of life smacks you in the face in the form of a crying baby or unpaid bills screaming louder than any kid ever could?

Thus has been my life of late. Every time I sit down to write some fiction since winning NaNoWriMo in late November, I have had no time for writing for pleasure. Sure, being a copywriter and research brief composer gives me a hint of the writing satisfaction, but there’s nothing quite like creating your own world of characters who demand your presence for their lives.

And my life will continue to be this way until we finalize moving to our new home sometime this week. The kitten is frantic with sniffing boxes, getting onto surfaces she knows she’s not allowed near, and her favorite sleeping spot has become the tip-top of a 7 foot bookshelf, because furniture is piled up against it, and now she can climb to the height of heights. And while she’s running around like mad, I’m dripping with exhaustion trying to meet deadlines and figure out which box I packed that unexpectedly needed dress for new headshot that was due like yesterday…


So, today my balance between writer’s life and “real life” is simply putting off the fictional writing until after we’ve settled into the new apartment. It sucks, but I’ll survive. And as soon as we’re moved in and my office is set up, I’m celebrating by doing as I agreed with NaNoWriMo to do and edit that novel!

How do you find balance between writing and reality?


Project DDD Publication Continues

I haven’t forgotten Daisy Meeks and Kane Sullivan.  I haven’t dropped the ball on getting Drop Dead Daisy published this month.  No, no, I’m still going.  In the midst of NaNoWriMo, I’m going to keep plugging away.  I’m ahead of NaNoWriMo by several thousand words, so I’m still doing well.  I can maintain this and do some editing.  I am feeling very much that My Vienna, this year’s NaNo novel won’t be remotely drafted by the 50,000 word line, so I’m okay with working on both at once.

9:40 That being said, I’m going to read aloud one more chapter tonight.  Chapter 26.

10:15 Well.  That went better than planned.  6000+ words, and I finished the final 3 chapters for the read-aloud.

And you know what?  I’m really happy with this book.  It still has a lot of work to make it what it should be, but this story is one that really speaks to my heart.  I’m nothing like Daisy, but I still relate to her and love her.  And I guess that’s what it’s about, right?  Hopefully my readers will love her as much as I do when she finally meets the world this month.

Zack's Bass Guitar (photo by Pixomar)--writing inspiration

Zack’s Bass Guitar (photo by Pixomar)–writing inspiration