NaNoWriMo Day 16: The Book Dedication

Book Dedication

Book Dedication

As my book, “Nobody’s Girl” comes closer to publication (hoping for November 22), I’ve been thinking more and more about dedications and things.  I’ve already dedicated this book to someone special, but hesitated for a moment.  Should I have dedicated it to the memory of my father, my “writing hero” and inspiration?  Should I change it last-minute, since he would have valued this moment in my life so much?

But the more I do think about, the more I know that this isn’t the book for him.  I’ve got a different one, even more precious to me, that deserves to be his memorial: the first novel I ever drafted.  That book has a long way to go before being ready for publication (after all, I wrote it when I was only 18, and haven’t done nearly enough editing and research for it since then!), but that’s one I want to dedicate to him.  My first big accomplishment, the one that I never would have achieved without him.

But there’s still that little bit of me that wonders about this book…perhaps it’s because of the release of the book on the five-year anniversary of his death.  Perhaps it’s because this is a momentous book for me (a whole new genre, a whole new era, etc.).

But then I think of the person this book is dedicated to, and I know Dad would agree that this belongs to that person instead.  And that makes me glad.  And even gladder as I look forward to the upcoming books, “Mistress of the World,” “Drop Dead Daisy,” “A Girl Called Nick,” “Carry on Starlight,” and many others, that I will dedicate to other key people in my life and writing career.  And someday, when I revisit that first novel, “A Voice in the Distance,” I will know that my first and best efforts at novel-writing will be dedicated to the memory of my father, and everyone will know what he has inspired me to accomplish.

How do you choose whom to dedicate your books to?  Have you chosen your “dedicatee” yet for this year’s NaNo novel?  Tell us about it!