Project DDD Publication Continues

I haven’t forgotten Daisy Meeks and Kane Sullivan.  I haven’t dropped the ball on getting Drop Dead Daisy published this month.  No, no, I’m still going.  In the midst of NaNoWriMo, I’m going to keep plugging away.  I’m ahead of NaNoWriMo by several thousand words, so I’m still doing well.  I can maintain this and do some editing.  I am feeling very much that My Vienna, this year’s NaNo novel won’t be remotely drafted by the 50,000 word line, so I’m okay with working on both at once.

9:40 That being said, I’m going to read aloud one more chapter tonight.  Chapter 26.

10:15 Well.  That went better than planned.  6000+ words, and I finished the final 3 chapters for the read-aloud.

And you know what?  I’m really happy with this book.  It still has a lot of work to make it what it should be, but this story is one that really speaks to my heart.  I’m nothing like Daisy, but I still relate to her and love her.  And I guess that’s what it’s about, right?  Hopefully my readers will love her as much as I do when she finally meets the world this month.

Zack's Bass Guitar (photo by Pixomar)--writing inspiration

Zack’s Bass Guitar (photo by Pixomar)–writing inspiration


From Writer’s Digest–Day 27 of the 2015 October Platform Challenge

Get Social

Well, this I can do!  I’ll get on the NaNoWriMo Chicago page and make a few comments.  People always have fun and interesting or useful things to say there, and often I can find a topic to engage in otherwise as well.  I haven’t been that active on there, but this year I’ve already been trying to engage a little more.  I think I’ll also pop and twitter and retweet a few things…  I’ll even try to connect with some of the new followers on this blog.  Thanks, guys!

How do you get social for your author platform?

Get Social (by stockimages)

Get Social (by stockimages)

Count Down Day 6: Project “DDD” Publication

Goals tonight:

Finish last major revisions on chapters 25-29.

Get through chapter 5 in the first read-aloud edit.

We’ll see after that!


6:00–revisions on chapters 25-29!!!  Yay!!!  FINALLY done!!!

6:55–break and dinner

8:20–first read aloud edit, chapters 1-5.  No intense changes, but definitely made several in each chapter.  It’s amazing how things flow better after they’ve been read aloud.

10:20–calling it a night!  If I keep going, I’ll make weird changes and probably make it worse. 😉

Drop Dead Daisy book cover

Drop Dead Daisy book cover

Count Down Day 7: Project “DDD” Publication

2:45pm Time to dig in and catch up as much as possible.  Starting with chapter 15 today for the last major revision.  Here we go.

5:00 break time!  I’ve made it through 2 chapters (15 & 16), though.  Both had a LOT of work to be done, so it’s not bad only getting that far.  Whew.

6:00 back to work!  Revised chapters 17-23.

7:45: break!  Need some kind of refreshing beverage or something…and a mental break!  Revision is hard work!

9:30: Revised chapters 24.

And my brain just said “buh-bye!”  So, calling it a night on the revision process.  But, hey.  I came in with having 14 more chapters to revise as of this afternoon.  And in a matter of about 6 1/2 hours, I’ve got 4 left.  Knocking out 10 in a day.  I can live with that!

Writing Daisy: Charvel Surfcaster Guitar (image found on wikipedia)

Writing Daisy: Charvel Surfcaster Guitar (image found on wikipedia)

Count Down Day 8: Project “DDD” Publication

9:30am: Assignments today include attempting to catch up on the major revisions “overdue” from earlier this week.  I’m supposed to be doing the read-aloud editing phase today, but I’m not there yet.  I got behind this past week, and only managed to get through chapter 9 in the final major revision stage.  Today, I’m starting on 10 and getting as far as I can.  I am attending a play here in Chicago (Esperanza Rising) at 2 (leaving at 1), so limited time before that.

11am: At least I’ve gotten 10 done at this point.  Will attempt to finish 11 before going as well.  After the show, I’ll get as much done as possible as well.  Some of the up-coming chapters don’t need nearly as much revision work, so I could get reasonably far today.

All that said, the goals for the day are to get at least through chapter 12, but then as far as I can after that.

Success? Chapters 10 & 11 revised before the show.  Chapters 12-14 after the show.

And I’m done for the day.  I need some rest before singing with the band at church tomorrow morning.

writing (by photostock)

writing (by photostock)

Count Down Day 9: Project “DDD” Publication

Well, I am definitely behind on this project.  But that’s okay.  I’ve still got time, and I’ve got determination!  I’ll keep plugging away at it until I finish!  I’ve got a few hours yet tonight and some tomorrow, and then more on Sunday.  I can catch up!  Yes, I can!  Somehow…

Today’s successes:

Earlier this week (though I forgot to record it here), I revised chapter 3.

Tonight, I revised chapters 4-9 (5 chapters in a couple of hours–I knew it could be done!), with very specific notes made for chapter 10 for tomorrow’s revision time.  And…exhausted now.  Time for bed!

Revision Time (“Red Pen” by fantasista)

Revision Time (“Red Pen” by fantasista)

Count Down Day 13: Project “DDD” Publication

Behind on assignments, so, I will attempt to catch up today, at least somewhat.  I have a two hour-ish gap in work schedule today, as well as a few hours before hanging out with a friend this evening after work.  Maybe a few hours after–depends on how much we just chat away.  So, we’ll see how we do.

In order to catch up, I would have to revise chapters 2-10.  I don’t see that realistically happening, so I’m just going to plow ahead and do as much of that as I can.  My meals are already basically prepared for the day, so just turn on the stove, crank out some hot water for tea, light some candles and turn up the music…

Success?  I made some minor changes to Chapter 2 (merging and verifying the correct version is what’s being revised!) before work and during my short break.  Returned home and continued pressing forward and finished chapter 2.  More content than hoped for was needed to be changed.  So, success?  Minor.  Unfortunately, I’m even further behind today.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I’ll sequester myself away for the hours I’m available to write and simply make as much progress as I can.

Frustration in Writing (image by imagerymajestic)

Frustration in Writing (image by imagerymajestic)