Count Down Day 15: Project “DDD” Publication

Today is the day that the intensity hits as I finish up editing/revising Drop Dead Daisy at last! I’ve got 15 days left in which to do it.  Here we go!

Today’s assignment: write and insert remaining missing scenes, including necessary transitions

Success? Yes!  I created the remaining “notable” missing scenes (ie, those that can clearly be identified.  Other scenes are still missing, but can only be added once the next revision stage begins).

And, since I finished that so early today, I’ll take a short break and forge ahead into the next assignment and see how far I can get before the gallery tonight.

And done with that.  Realized that I needed to do some re-organizing as the next actual step, so I did that.  And done!  Off to the gallery now!

Organizing my Writing (“Folders Showing Organizing And Paperwork” by Stuart Miles)

Organizing my Writing (“Folders Showing Organizing And Paperwork” by Stuart Miles)


NaNoWriMo Day 21/22: My Novel, “Nobody’s Girl,” is Now Available!

Nobody's Girl by Juanita Millhouse

Nobody’s Girl by Juanita Millhouse

Want to talk about inspiration for getting that novel written this month?  How about holding a printed copy of your novel in your own hands?  How about telling everybody you know that your novel is published?  How about being able to honor the memory of your father and writing buddy/hero by releasing your novel on the 5th anniversary of his death, on Thanksgiving Day?

That’s my story today as I proudly announce that today my novel, “Nobody’s Girl” is released to the public in both print and Kindle versions!

“Tess Brenner never would have imagined that she’d be in love with a rock-star. Of course, when she fell in love with Jamie Bennett back in fourth grade, nobody would have guessed the nerd with long hair would be one of the most popular men in the world just a few years later. But when Jamie and the band leave their hometown to tour the world, Tess must learn to live without that love. But can she? Will she ever forget the love that binds her heart to the lead singer of the Four Jays?”

To get a print copy, please check out my webstore page:

Or, for a Kindle copy, check out:


Happy Thanksgiving!