NaNoWriMo Day 21/22: My Novel, “Nobody’s Girl,” is Now Available!

Nobody's Girl by Juanita Millhouse

Nobody’s Girl by Juanita Millhouse

Want to talk about inspiration for getting that novel written this month?  How about holding a printed copy of your novel in your own hands?  How about telling everybody you know that your novel is published?  How about being able to honor the memory of your father and writing buddy/hero by releasing your novel on the 5th anniversary of his death, on Thanksgiving Day?

That’s my story today as I proudly announce that today my novel, “Nobody’s Girl” is released to the public in both print and Kindle versions!

“Tess Brenner never would have imagined that she’d be in love with a rock-star. Of course, when she fell in love with Jamie Bennett back in fourth grade, nobody would have guessed the nerd with long hair would be one of the most popular men in the world just a few years later. But when Jamie and the band leave their hometown to tour the world, Tess must learn to live without that love. But can she? Will she ever forget the love that binds her heart to the lead singer of the Four Jays?”

To get a print copy, please check out my webstore page:

Or, for a Kindle copy, check out:


Happy Thanksgiving!


NaNoWriMo Day 10: Wide-Eyed Abandon and A Little Writing Game For You (Complete with Prize!)

My imagination loves to run wide-eyed with abandon through the fields of wonder.  This is why I love writing.  I take that freedom to extremes sometimes, making it all the more fun.  I’ve explored castles in ancient times, played with dragons, swum with sharks, visited other worlds, disappeared into swamps…all in my head, of course.

But, admittedly, sometimes I get stuck.  So, I invented a little game that helps with that.  And, I thought tonight, I would challenge you to play that game, and would reward the “best” entry with a free e-copy of my book “Nobody’s Girl,” which will be released by the end of November.  You have until then to complete the contest and submit your entry to my email address:  Subject heading should read “Writing Game.”

The rules are simple.  Begin the story at Photograph 1, and somehow lead it to Photograph 2.  Do this in 500 words or less.  Be as ridiculous, humorous, dramatic or as straight-laced as you like.  The prize will go to the most creative entry, and will be announced on December 1.  That’s it.  Enjoy!

Photograph 1

Photograph 1

Photograph 2

Photograph 2